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Harewood Speed Hillclimb 07-07-19

Gurston Down 15-6-19 T2 43.76 sec

Abingdon Carnival short course 57.06 sec

Coventry MOTOfest 2019

Aintree Sprint 27-04-19 65.65 sec in the wet

Abingdon Long Course Sprint 07-04-19 115.75 sec

First outing 31 March 2019 Three Sisters

Last outing 2018 Castle Combe

2018 Curborough Classic Class Win

2018 Donington TRAX with the Lotus Drivers Club showing me the way around

2018 HRCR Speed series Coventry 02-06-18 time 96.39 sec

2018 HRCR Speed series Llandow sprint

2018 HRCR Speed series Aintree sprint

2017 Silverstone National Circuit

2017 HRCR Speed series Prescott Hillclimb

2017 HRCR Speed series Curborough Sprint

2017 HRCR Speed series Loton Park hillclimb P.B. 73.92 sec

2017 HRCR Speed series Shelsley Walsh hillclimb P.B. 41.08 sec

2017 HRCR Epynt being careful in the wet hillclimb

2017 HRCR Speed series Llys f Fran hillclimb

2017HRCR Speed series Llandow sprint

2017 HRCR Speed series Aintree sprint

2016 Auto Solo Donington Winter Series


Paul Boscott