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I worked at Alcan twice firstly as an Apprentice from 1965 - 1970 then as Multi-skilled Craftsman with an electrical maintenance bias 1973 - 1982. During the second period I became interested in Model engine making. My first model a Stuart Turner V10 (what else) Was made in the maintenance workshop on the night shift. So long as the presses were running and the production supervisor knew where I was every one was happy things were not as tight then. I have now my own workshop and have made many models over the intervening years mostly from existing drawings last year I was awarded a gold medal for a 5 cylinder radial engine at the Model Engineering Exhibition See links to youtube

The press known at Alcan as Number 9 Press being the press ninth on the site and on its installation in 1969 was fitted with 3 Oilgear 1502S-1 variable delivery pumps driven by English Electric 200 HP 3 phase motors The control system at this time was relays with the pumps using a LVDT feed back for pressure an volume. A Banyard induction heater, Edwards pullers, off loading /cooling table, stretcher and saw table

The first pictures I have were taken in 1977 on an open day for the Queen's Silver Jubilee at that time cameras were not allow on site and I would have meant instant dismissal for gross misconduct to have taken pictures on a working shift but this open day was a press day and many of the company confidential processes had been put out of the way. The main bulk of the detailed pictures were taken in 1988 after I had left Alcan I obtained special written permission from the works electrical engineer and was closely accompanied by him thought out my visit. I also obtained from fielding and Platt 6 outline drawings of the press top arrangement. At that time I thought this information would be sufficient to make a good model with the knowledge I have now it is not and I am looking for more detail.

I am drawing the plans at 1:1 in AutoCAD 2000 3D so that I can check it all fits before I start cutting metal.

The reasons for this website are three fold. One to get any further information and details that exist is out there. Two to make a record of how the model is made Three to keep me going at it I hope that some of you will follow my progress as I will regularly up date the pages with drawings an photos. I will enter the finished model in the Model Engineering exhibition on completion. When I have finished with it I hope to present it to Banbury museum to stand along side some of our other industrial heritage.

It would be very interesting to hear from anyone with information about this machine photos drawing or memories would be most welcome. I am short of information on the billet loading system the transfer arm from the induction furnace. The billet loaders practically the method of putting the pad in position also if anyone can add to or correct any of the information on this site let me know I will credit your contribution.

paul boscott