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Extrusion Press Specification

extrusion press
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1,600-Ton Capacity, Billet 7" Diameter.
Main Characteristics
Power Stroke

Main ram power @ 3,000 psi 1,600 tons 1,690 mm
Main ram power @ low tonnage 1,440 tons 1,690 mm
Main ram return power 79 tons 1,690 mm
Container stripping 240 tons 381 mm
Container sealing 160 tons 381 mm
Vertical shear 44 tons 558 mm
Vertical shear return 23 tons 558 mm
Die slide out 21 tons 1,092 mm
Die slide in 14.5 tons 1,092 mm
Maximum billet diameter 8" (203.2mm)
Maximum billet length 25.5" (647.7mm)
Length of container 27.5" (698.5mm)

Working Pressures

Pump Units 3-off Oilgear 1502S-1

Boost Pump Supply 1-off Ryland 100h.p., 230spm,
150psi fixed centrifugal pump.

Auxiliary Pumps 1-off Oilgear HG-850,
1-off Vickers Sperry Rand twin pump
(type V3234 24 11 1AA5214)
15gpm at 300psi and 7gpm at 500psi.

Main Driving Motor 3-off 200h.p., 985rpm, 346/Volt,
3-phase, 50-cycle, drip proof,
squirrel cage motor.

Auxiliary Motor 1-off 15h.p. twin shaft, 960rpm
fully enclosed drip proof motor.

Container Heating Internal heater.

Dead Cycle Time

Decompress 0.9 seconds
Open container 2.4 seconds
Shear down 2.1 seconds
Shear up 1.7 seconds
Ram return (during shear and container strip) 5.3 seconds
Balance of return stroke 2.0 seconds
Loader up 1.3 seconds
Rapid advice 2.0 seconds
Balance of rapid advice (during container close) 1.6 seconds
Close container 1.6 seconds
Total dead time 14 seconds
Die lubrication within dead cycle time 5.9 seconds


Electrical supply 346-volts, 3-phase, 50-cycles
Weight of Press 85 tons (approx)

paul boscott